Energy Efficiency Loans

C4C helps homeowners conserve energy usage and decrease costs through audits, retrofits, and alternative / clean energy improvements.

Simply click above on the ECL, SMART-E, HES, Landlord Loan or Energize CT Heat Loan for program eligibility criteria and to apply.

See the table below for general info about each of these programs:

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    Smart-E Loan
    Heating Loan
    HES Payment Plan
    (Micro Loan)
    C4C Landlord Loan
    Energy Conservation Loan (ECL) **Emergencies only**
    Interest Rate 4.49% - 6.99% 0.99% 0% 4.49% - 6.99% 0-3%
    Repayment Plan 5-12 years 3-10 years 3 years 5-12 years 10 years
    Payments may be added to electric bill Eversource Only Required Required Eversource Only NO
    Eversource / UI Electric Customers Only NO YES YES NO NO
    Underwriting Basis Credit Report Utility History Utility History Credit Report Credit Report
    Minimum FICO 580 N/A N/A 660 N/A
    Debt to Income Ratio Maximum
    *waived for hihger credit scores
    50%* N/A N/A 50%* 50%
    Minimum Loan Amount $500.00 $1 350.00 $1 000.00 $3 000.00 $400
    Maximum Loan Amount $40 000.00 $15 000.00 $3 000.00 $40 000.00 $25 000,00
    Owner-Occupancy Required YES NO NO NO NO
    CT Residency Required YES NO NO NO YES
    Income Limit Applies NO NO NO NO YES
    Eligible Improvements See Table Heating System See Table See Table See Table
    HES Assessment Required NO NO YES NO NO
    Downpayment Required NO YES NO NO NO
    Fees NO NO NO UCC Fee $50 Recording Fee $60-$75
    Prepayment Penalty NO NO NO NO NO
    Security Unsecured Unsecured Unsecured UCC Filing Secured by property


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