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    Tree Removal for Solar
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    Roof Repair
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    Water Heater
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    Caulking, Weatherstripping
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    Air Conditioning
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    Energy Star Appliances
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    Electric vehicle charging
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    Heat Pump
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    Air / Duct Sealing
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    Smart-E Loan
    Heating Loan
    HES Payment Plan
    (Micro Loan)
    C4C Landlord Loan
    Energy Conservation Loan (ECL) **Emergencies only**
    Interest Rate 4.49% - 6.99% 0.99% 0% 4.49% - 6.99% 0-3%
    Repayment Plan 5-12 years 3-10 years 3 years 5-12 years 10 years
    Payments may be added to electric bill Eversource Only Required Required Eversource Only NO
    Eversource / UI Electric Customers Only NO YES YES NO NO
    Underwriting Basis Credit Report Utility History Utility History Credit Report Credit Report
    Minimum FICO 580 N/A N/A 660 N/A
    Debt to Income Ratio Maximum
    *waived for higher credit scores
    50%* N/A N/A 50%* 50%
    Minimum Loan Amount $500.00 $1 350.00 $500.00 $3 000.00 $400.00
    Maximum Loan Amount $40 000.00 $15 000.00 $3 000.00 $40 000.00 $25 000,00
    Owner-Occupancy Required YES NO NO NO NO
    CT Residency Required YES NO NO NO YES
    Income Limit Applies NO NO NO NO YES
    Eligible Improvements See Table Heating System See Table See Table See Table
    HES Assessment Required NO NO YES NO NO
    Downpayment Required NO YES NO NO NO
    Fees NO NO NO UCC Fee $50 Recording Fee $60-$75
    Prepayment Penalty NO NO NO NO NO
    Security Unsecured Unsecured Unsecured UCC Filing Secured by property


Save energy and money by improving your home's energy efficiency with financing from 4.49% to 6.99%

Make your home more weathertight with improved insulation and windows. Upgrade to ENERGY STAR® heating and cooling systems. Improve the efficiency of your hot-water equipment. All these improvements and more will help you reduce your energy consumption and can lower your utility bills. C4C can help you with low-interest loans made possible through a partnership with the Connecticut Green Bank..

Loans may be for $500 to $40,000 and funding will be used for conducting qualified improvements/equipment replacements. Non-listed work directly related and necessary to the installation of the listed qualifying measures may be financed along with the qualifying measure at the applicable interest rate (capped at 25% of the total loan amount).


Applicants must own and occupy* a single or 2-4 family home (includes condos, mobile homes, and vacation homes) in the State of Connecticut.
Minimum 580 credit score (Minimum 640 credit score for loan amounts greater than $25,000).
Projects that are underway or completed will not qualify for financing. Please do not schedule your project until after you have received your loan documents from C4C.

*If you do not occupy the property, please contact C4C regarding our alternate loan option.

Loan Terms

Eversource electric customers may elect to have loan payments added to their monthly electric bill
$500 to $40,000 loan amount.
Rate/Term options:
4.49% for 5 years
4.99% for 7 years
5.99% for 10 years (Minimum loan size $5,000)
6.99% for 12 years (Minimum loan size $5,000))

Eligible Improvements
(minimum efficiency standards must be met)

All work must be completed by a C4C Participating Contractor

High Efficiency Insulation

Duct Sealing

Air Sealing

Gas Conversion

High Efficiency Boiler/Furnace

Central Air Conditioning

Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump

Air Source/Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat Pump Water Heater

Indirect Water Heater (Natural Gas only)

On-Demand Tankless Water Heater (Natural Gas/Propane only)

Window Replacement

Solar PV System

Solar Hot Water System

Electric Vehicle Recharging Station

Natural Gas Vehicle Refueling Station

ENERGY STAR® appliances

Asbestos Remediation

Mold Remediation

Roof Repair

Tree Removal for Solar Installation



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