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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Capital for Change, Inc.?

Capital for Change, Inc. (C4C), formerly Connecticut Housing Investment Fund, Inc. (CHIF), is a certified statewide Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) providing flexible financing, loan-servicing, and technical services to developers and homeowners to improve and increase the supply of housing affordable to Connecticut residents. Capital for Change implements solutions to help families become and remain homeowners.

Who are Capital for Change’s loan-servicing clients?

Capital for Change’s loan-servicing clients are state, federal, and CDFI lenders. Capital for Change’s portfolio consists of 50 different housing and community-development loan programs. Clients include the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA), the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), various Habitat for Humanity organizations, and the Connecticut CDFI Alliance.

What is Capital for Change’s expertise?

Capital for Change specializes in providing comprehensive loan-servicing services to nonprofit organizations and government agencies that make affordable-housing loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers.

What is the software Capital for Change uses?

Capital for Change operates Servicing Director (“SD”), a product of D+H USA Corporation. SD is a state-of-the-art loan-servicing system that provides detailed reports and custom features for community development and housing loans. We are in the process of converting our software over to LOANS! For .NET (“LFN”), a product of Benedict Group, Inc., which will provide greater flexibility and functionality.

Why use Capital for Change for your loan-servicing needs?

Capital for Change offers the ideal solution to lenders who want to outsource their loan-servicing activities. Capital for Change provides superior customer service to borrowers and mortgagees. Capital for Change can customize monthly report data and provide information to clients in real time. Capital for Change offers many features for its customers, including automatic payment deduction to borrowers, a website where borrowers can make online payments, and easy-to–read year-end statements.

Capital for Change consistently receives the highest rating in loan-servicing performance from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), and is recognized for helping lenders improve their loan portfolio performance.

What are Capital for Change’s fees for its loan-servicing services?

Capital for Change generally charges a fee ranging from $10.00 to $16.00 per loan per month. The price per loan per month varies depending on the size of the portfolio serviced and the selection of services provided to the lender. Capital for Change also charges a one-time fee to transfer and set up an existing portfolio on Capital for Change's software, and inform borrowers of a change in servicer.

For more information:

Please contact Gary Clark
Director, Loan Servicing

Send loan payments to: PO Box 844553, Boston MA 02284-4553


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