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Loan Products

Capital To Empower You

C4C has a variety of programs and services for homeowners, landlords,  developers,  businesses, and nonprofits.


We also help people purchase homes and keep housing safe, efficient, and affordable by offering energy-efficiency loan programs, mortgage assistance and repair loan programs for home buyers/owners, and homeownership counseling and services for homeowners in danger of losing their homes.


||Home Energy Loans 

For Homeowners and Landlords 
(1 to 4 unit properties)

Capital for Change (C4C) helps homeowners conserve energy usage and decrease costs through audits, retrofits, and alternative/clean energy improvements. C4C offers a variety of loan programs to meet consumer needs, covering improvements ranging from such basics as insulation and heating systems to more advanced products, including solar panels and geothermal systems.

Housing Development

||| Affordable Housing Financing

For Landlords and Developers

We assist developers in creating affordable rental housing, supportive housing, mutual housing, cooperatives, and homeownership. Loans may be for acquisition, bridge funding, construction/rehabilitation financing, or permanent terms.


||Mortgage Loan Program

For Homeowners

Capital for Change manages a variety of programs to help prospective homeowners purchase new homes. Eligibility requirements are determined by our funding partners and may be restricted to targeted groups or communities.


||| Loans Improving Multifamily Energy Efficiency (LIME)

For Homeowners and Landlords

Loans Improving Multifamily Efficiency (LIME): Loans for improving efficiency help property owners to make energy-efficiency improvements to multifamily properties or condominium developments. Preference is given to properties with 60% of units affordable to households at no higher than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI); HUD-financed properties, including housing authorities; CHFA-financed and FHA-insured developments; properties in low- or moderate-income geographies; and Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs).


||| Nonprofit and Small Business Lending

For Nonprofits and Small Businesses

C4C expands economic opportunity by making loans to nonprofit organizations that contribute to the well-being of their communities.


||Loan Servicing

C4C specializes in providing services that meet the needs of affordable housing lenders by providing a high level of customer service to first-time and community development borrowers.

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