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Homeowner Resources

Capital for Change’s Housing Counseling Program provides one-on-one counseling and a variety of workshops for homeowners and landlords. 

||| Mortgage Counseling and Foreclosure Intervention

Our programs and services are for people anywhere on the home-ownership spectrum.

  • Considering the purchase of your first home and need to learn how to navigate the marketplace?

  • Wondering whether your current mortgage is the right product for you?

  • Facing foreclosure, or having a hard time making your payments and need help figuring out what to do?

From our Pre-Purchase and Landlord Education workshops to our Mortgage Counseling and Foreclosure Intervention programs, we have the people and information you need.

Capital for Change does not charge clients for Foreclosure Intervention or Pre-Purchase Counseling services.


||| I'm Here To Help

Rahmaan Abdullah,
Housing Counseling Coordinator
Capital for Change
203.624.7406 ext. 1300


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