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Customer Service & Loan Management Solutions

C4C specializes in providing services that meet the needs of affordable housing lenders by providing a high level of customer service to first-time and community development borrowers.

||| Providing Excellence In Loan Servicing

Capital for Change (C4C) provides comprehensive loan-servicing for clients across Southern New England that finance affordable housing, small businesses/nonprofits, and energy efficiency. C4C’s loan-servicing clients include housing developers, nonprofit/CDFI lenders, state and municipal government entities, and utility companies.

C4C’s servicing portfolio consists of various housing and community-development loan programs that include first-lien and subordinate consumer and commercial mortgages, government-insured mortgages, and unsecured consumer loans. C4C  offers the ideal, cost-effective solution to lenders that could benefit from outsourcing their loan-servicing activities.


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||| We're Here To Help

Carith Dean,
Director of Loan Servicing
860.233.5165 ext. 2022
Company: NMLS #276717

 ||Our Service Pack Includes

1. Remittance processing 

2. Loan collection & loss mitigation services

3. Accounting, tax services, escrow analysis

4. Monthly reporting

5. Automatic payment drafting

||Help For The Lender

C4C’s complete package of loan-servicing services helps lenders and borrowers.


  • Lenders receive timely and accurate reports about their portfolios.

  • Borrowers receive attentive customer service from knowledgeable staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

||| What Is C4C Loan Servicing?

Capital for Change, Inc. (C4C), is a community development financial institution (CDFI) in Connecticut.  We serve people, nonprofits, small businesses, and public institutions by providing flexible, creative, and responsive financial products and services that support an inclusive and sustainable economy. Our high-impact programs and products broaden access to affordable housing, energy efficiency, and job opportunities for underserved communities and the families who live there.


||| Who Are Your Loan-Servicing Clients?

C4C’s loan-servicing clients are state, federal, CDFI lenders, and utility companies. C4C’s portfolio consists of 50 different housing and community development loan programs. Clients include the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority  (CHFA), the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), various Habitat for Humanity organizations, and the Connecticut Department of Housing.

||| Why Use Us For Loan-Servicing?

C4C offers the ideal solution to lenders who want to outsource their loan-servicing activities. C4C provides superior customer service to borrowers and mortgagees. C4C can customize monthly report data and provide information to clients in real-time.  C4C offers many features for its customers, including automatic payment deduction to borrowers, a website where borrowers can make online payments, and easy-to-read year-end statements.

||| What Are The Fees Involved?

C4C generally charges a fee ranging from $8.00 to $16.00 per loan per month. The price per loan per month varies depending  on the size of the portfolio serviced and the selection of services C4C provides to the lender. C4C also charges a one-time fee to transfer and set up an existing portfolio on C4C’s software and to inform borrowers of a change in servicer.


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