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Our Impact

Social, Economic, and Environmental

C4C strives to be Connecticut's premier community development financial institution, offering capital solutions that will create and sustain lasting, positive change to low-income communities, including broadened social and economic participation, economic growth, and environmental sustainability.

||| 2022 Annual Report

We are pleased to provide our 2021-2022 Annual Report covering the Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2022. Rebounding from the impacts of COVID, C4C had a busy year channeling recovery funding and staff resources to support our mission. 

In commercial lending, this rebound was evident in the 25 new loans totaling over $9 million that were closed for affordable housing projects and non-profit lending. Well over 60% of these loans were in low to moderate-income census tracts, and over 60% of the beneficiaries have been people of color.
Funding from grants and our financial business partners are helping to set the stage for growth in the coming year. 

Housing Should Be Affordable, Efficient, and Accessible To All

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||| Consumer Impact Numbers

||| Commercial Impact Numbers

Projects With Impact

Cherry Street Project

School Facility, Affordable Housing, Clean Energy and Job Opportunities

Location: Bridgeport, CT

Note: $3.5 Million Fuel Cell & $3.3 Million Tutor Housing

Scope of Project: Redevelop 3.5 acre industrial site in Bridgeport's West End


Development(s): Greater Oaks Charter School: Home to 750 K-12 students

Cherry Street Lofts Apartments: 157 Affordable housing units (17 units house Greater Oaks tutors)

3.5 Million 440-Kilowatt Fuel Cell: Provides the newly constructed complex with clean and reliable energy


Barbour Gardens Project

Affordable Housing and Job Opportunities

Location: Hartford, CT

Note: $2.3 Million Affordable Housing

Scope of Project: Renovate apartment complex in Hartford's North End


Development: Affordable Housing

Barbour Garden Apartments: 74 housing units (48 units are Section 8 and 26 units are affordable housing)

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