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M&T Bank investing in Bridgeport's East End, East Side

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Photo: The Honey Locust Square development under construction in Bridgeport, Conn. Jan. 4, 2023.

#BetterTogether This CTPost story features M&T Bank and one our clients, developer Anthony Stewart's Honey Locust Square project. #CapitalforChange provided bridge financing to keep the project moving forward.

BRIDGEPORT — In an effort to prove the company's commitment to its new hometown, M&T Bank is bringing key offerings to the under-served East End and East Side neighborhoods.

On Tuesday morning the company announced that it would be a tenant at developer Anthony Stewart's Honey Locust Square project on Stratford Avenue in the East End. That is a significant coup for Stewart, who had been looking to add a bank branch to the supermarket, restaurant and other mixed-use businesses that will occupy his building.

"That's like one of the strongest tenants you can get," Stewart had said in an interview in early March. Honey Locust Square has been pitched by him as a transformative economic undertaking for that section of town.

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